If you’re planning a trip and your furry friend can’t go with you, taking your pet to a dog kennel to stay is an option. Dog kennels are equipped to take care of animals while their pet parents are away. To make sure you and your pet have a good kennel experience, here are some things to consider.

Do have a current vaccination and medical record for your pet. Most kennels require pets to be up to date on their shots, and the medical records help to keep track of any special needs or medications your pet might have. If this is the first time you are boarding your pet, you will most likely need to get him a bordetella vaccination that helps prevent kennel cough. Other often required vaccinations include rabies and parvoAnasazi Animal Clinic can provide a complete list of vaccinations and records needed for your kennel stay.

Don’t show up at a kennel unannounced. Dog kennels are often booked up months in advance, so it’s important to call ahead and see if there is space available especially around the holidays.

Do check out the dog kennel before you drop your dog off. Visit the kennel and talk to the staff. Find out whether the kennel uses individual houses or kennel runs for housing. Ask about the food the kennel uses and decide if you want to bring your own. Most importantly, interview the staff to make sure they are a good fit for your dog.

Don’t make a big production on drop off day. When you take your dog to the kennel, try to keep your exit low key. Your pet can sense your stress and it can cause him or her to act out or become anxious. Dog kennels are trained to handle pets being dropped off for a variety of reasons, but it makes things easier for everyone if you keep the drop off as calm and low stress as possible. Give your pet a pat on the head and a hug and make your departure.

When you bring your dog to Anasazi Animal Clinic for boarding, you can feel confident that he will be loved and well cared for. While we know we’ll never be a replacement for you, you can count on us to be the next best thing!