We all know that pets can be an expensive part of life, with vet bills, grooming, food, and accessories. The average pet owner will spend over $1,000 a year on a pet, according to ASPCA. This is just the average, but there are those who have no problem spending more money to fully pamper their pet while they are away. Anasazi Animal Clinic knows how your pet is an integral part of your family, and deserves the best veterinary care possible, including proper boarding.

What is a Pet Spa?

A pet spa is a place where you can bring your furry friend while you are on vacation or away. Pampering your pet is now a possibility with pet spas that provide services beyond the regular boarding and grooming. Further services include:

  • Extensive grooming: deep shampooing, specialized hair styles, teeth cleaning and more.
  • Boarding services: Regular doggy daycare is transformed with puppy entertainers, daily walks, quiet nap times, swim times, group play and one-on-one interactions.
  • Relaxation Services: Certain spas provide warm therapeutic baths, pet massages, warm towels and more.  

Depending on the spa, there are services where your pet can live like royalty and you do not have to have any fears about leaving them.

Most Luxurious Pet Spas

There are some pet spas that go above and beyond the duty of boarding or grooming. Some of these can pamper your pet more than most humans may get. The most expensive places are:

  • Pooch Hotel: With many locations, this spa offers luxurious amenities for your pet including a personal tuck in service at bedtime.  
  • Auntie Barbara’s Bed, Bath & Biscuit: For the city dog wanting a country getaway, this is nowhere near rustic, but provides eight acres of manicured land, a pool, and temperature-controlled rooms with a plush bed and pillow.  
  • K-9 Resorts Daycare and Luxury Hotel: Taking things to a new level, this daycare provides plasma TV’s en suite, upgrades to Gucci dog beds, and gourmet dinners with Evian spring water.
  • The Barkley Pet Hotel: This one takes the cake and provides a true vacation for your pet. They will take your pet for a ride, go through the McDonald’s drive-through for a pet-friendly treat, nighttime tuck-ins, vacation photos, options for a phone call with their owner, room service with filet mignon and so much more.

If you have concerns about going away on a vacation and your pet not being well cared for, luxurious pet spas have thought of everything! For excellent care of boarding and grooming, without the high price tag, contact Anasazi Animal Clinic today.


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/7/2017) smerikal (Flickr)