Long days at the office, meetings that go painfully long, and difficult conversations are just a few of the everyday stresses we have to face. Walking the dog or cleaning the litter box can feel like just one more stressful thing after a hard day. However, there are many reasons why having a pet is beneficial to your emotional and overall health. Anasazi Pet Clinic, located in Gilbert Arizona, is here to ensure all your pet health care needs are taken care of so that you can feel the most benefits of owning a wonderful pet.

Stress Relief

Pets have been proven to increase their owner’s physical health and emotional health. Who doesn’t feel happier after coming home from a long day being greeted with excitement and a wet, slobbery kiss? The following are some ways pets have been proven to improve the health of their owner by:

  • Decreasing blood pressure: Being around an animal by watching a fish swim, or petting puppies has been shown to reduce stress and decrease blood pressure. Some universities have gone so far as to bring puppies on campus during exam time to help reduce stress.
  • Increasing exercise: On average, pet owners get more exercise than non-pet owners. It’s not just while walking the dog; pet owners also more regularly get up and down while playing with their pets. Exercise has also been proven to help decrease feelings of depression and sadness, thus pet owners have more positive moods.
  • Decreasing loneliness: Feeling lonely is a common source of stress in people across the world. They may be surrounded by crowds of people, but many still feel unseen and unknown. A pet helps to give their caregiver the love and attention the person is seeking, in a healthy way. Also, people with pets become more approachable to others on the street and provide a natural opening for conversation. In the USA, dog-parks are becoming a common facet of local communities where humans can new meet people while their dog socializes with other dogs.
  • Increasing laughter: They say laughter is the best medicine, and it continually is proven to be true. Stress is hard to hold onto when you find yourself in a hilarious moment of your cat pawing at a shiny light, or your dog rolling off the couch. There is a reason people watch funny animal videos; it allows them to laugh, embrace silliness, be in the moment, and let go of stress.

Pets are trusted companions, safe to be yourself with, and great stress-relievers. There are many more physical and emotional benefits to owning a pet. Anasazi would love to hear what is the most stress relieving part of being a pet owner for you! Contact us today for all your pet health care needs.


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (1/12/2018) Zachary Appel (Flickr