When the heat hits in Gilbert Arizona, many people plan their vacations to escape to a cooler or more tropical place.There is nothing wrong with that. We here at Anasazi Animal Hospital embrace escaping the Phoenix heat for a bit while taking time for pet health care needs.

Traveling with Your Pet

You no longer have to include vacations for just the family, but can bring along your four-legged friends. Whether you are deciding to go on a road trip with your friends or flying to a destination spot there are some traveling tips we want to help you with. Some good things to consider are:

  • Contact us, your veterinarian care, to ensure your pet is in the best health for travel
  • Book pet friendly hotels, and look up pet friendly restaurants to ensure that you can include your beloved pet along in the festivities.
  • Keep a familiar blanket or toy on the trip to bring some comfort for your pet.

Ways to decrease the nerves of your pet if they struggle with travel, will be helpful for all around. You want to ensure it is an enjoyable time.

Road Trips

If you are looking to hit the road for a vacation escape, there are also some safe tips to ensure the road trip goes well for all involved.

  • Test Run: Take your pet on shorter trips in the car to see how they do, and get them used to the vehicle movement.
  • Safety First: Having a pet wander around the vehicle can be distracting and dangerous for the humans as well as for the pet. A pet barrier, pet seat belt or pet car seat can ensure safety all around.
  • Pit Stops: It is suggested for you to stop every two to three hours to allow your pet to use the restroom and stretch their legs.
  • Hydrate: It can seem like an easy thing not to expect them to need water as it’s only a car ride. Well it is actually very important to ensure your pet stays hydrated on the car ride.

Road trips can be extremely fun, cost efficient and a great way to escape. Just follow the tips, and have a plan for your pet and it will be a great time.


If you are planning on flying to a further destination with your pet, that is even more exciting. Some things to consider include:

  • Fit for Flight: It is wise to consider the age and health of your pet in regards to flying. Anasazi Animal Clinic can help to establish whether it is safe for your pet.
  • Pet Papers: If going out of the country, it is a good idea to bring all the pet care papers to ensure no time constraints or hold ups in customs.
  • Carrier: Ensure you purchase a carrier that allows your pet enough space to stand up, turn around in and have movement throughout the flight.

There are several more areas to consider when flying with your pet. It is not something to avoid, but something to do your research on to ensure that you are providing the best vacation for all involved.

Anasazi Animal Clinic is excited about getting out of the Arizona heat, and embrace travel. Contact us today to ask for tips or advice on how to ensure the safest, most fun vacation!  


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (718//2017) Shelby Bell (Flickr)